Every Fashion Item I've Bought in the Last 30 Days and How I'm Wearing Each

Confession: I went on a bit of shopping spree recently. After emerging from a monthslong quarantine, I realized that I'm actually super tired of everything I own, and I couldn't help but want to spruce up my closet. And as a digital editor who lives and breathes online shopping, I'm constantly coming across the coolest new finds, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel the urge to shop pretty much all the time. At this point, it's actually noteworthy how many things I've summoned the willpower not to order.

I digress. Over the past few weeks, I might have hit the "order" button on multiple occasions, and now I'm reaping the benefits of all those clicks. Since your girl is on a budget, though, none of my under-$150 buys made a major dent in my wallet. While not everything I ordered worked out, many of the things did, and I'm so pleased with these finds that I thought it would be rude not to share them with you here. From a pair of chic tailored shorts to a beautiful Staud dress I scored on sale, scroll down to see how I'm wearing these new closet additions and all the details of each.

I'm convinced everyone should own a casual dress like this one. I'm so into the daisy print, which gives off a cool '90s vibe without being too trendy and the midi length works well with sneakers and sandals alike. I styled it with tall socks and retro Reeboks. Plus, it's made from stretch material, which makes it surprisingly really comfortable. I could seriously live in this.

Just had to give you a close-up on the daisy print because it's so charming.

Bermuda shorts are one of those trends I've thought about a lot, but the perfect pair has evaded me until now. I went with this Topshop pair in lieu of investing in a designer version since I was still unsure I'd like the style at all, but lo and behold, they're good. They hit at the right length, and maybe it's just me, but in black, I feel like they could pass for a more expensive pair.

When you're looking online, it can be impossible to differentiate these ribbed racer styles from each other, so let me just get straight to the point: This is a really good tank top. It's on the thicker side, so it's not very see-through, which is why it's slightly more expensive than I'd want to spend on a basic like this but very much worth it.

I've had my eye on this stunning Staud dress ever since I first laid eyes on it at the beginning of the year. From the voluminous sleeves to the square neckline and the corset-inspired seaming, I'm happy to report that it lives up to my dreams IRL and even happier to report that it's currently on sale by half.

What would be the opposite of buyer's remorse? For me, it's these fun color-blocked shorts. They're a little more attention-grabbing than I'd normally go for, but I'm so glad I snagged them when I did because beyond being lightweight and breathable in the summer heat, they keep selling out on sites like Nordstrom and Net-a-Porter. So, yeah, no regrets here.

On a separate note, everyone needs to go buy this perfect $8 bodysuit. It's the final puzzle piece that makes my wardrobe feel whole.

I couldn't resist trying out that preppy tennis player aesthetic that's bubbling up all over Instagram right now, and it all hinges on this affordable H&M skirt and these stretchy cotton headbands from Amazon.

Just when I was starting to get bored with my closet, this pretty smocked skirt walked into my life. As someone who has maybe overinvested in basics lately, this outfit-making piece couldn't have come at a better time because it's the perfect base to all my basic tops and pairs so well with sandals. The print has black and white mixed in, which makes it easy to style with plain tees and tanks, and the smocked waistline, while trendy, is also super comfortable—a genius addition to my summer wardrobe.

I recently made the move to NYC and have been logging some serious steps in these comfy sandals. I like that the croc effect makes them a touch more elevated than other sporty styles, so even my casual outfits, like this combo of bike shorts and an oversize shirt, feel cool.

Meet my go-to bikini this summer. The bra-inspired top, high-cute bottoms, and lime-green hue make this retro style suit way more fun to wear (and comfortable IMO) than a standard string bikini.

Each summer, I stock up on a fresh supply of these Hanes ribbed tanks. Here, I took a pair of scissors and snipped one of them into a cropped tank.