My Friend Wants Expensive-Looking New Shoes for Under $150—I Suggested These Pairs

woman in miniskirt and chic flats

(Image credit: @annelauremais)

If you read my stories regularly, you'll know by now I have quite the knack for finding luxurious-looking pieces that don't cost a fortune. So when a good friend asked me to send her a list of sophisticated and expensive-looking shoe options within her budget of $150, I happily stepped up to the challenge. After all, one of the easiest ways to update and elevate your new season wardrobe is with a chic pair of shoes. Below, I sent her some options that not only lean into some of this season's biggest trends (mesh flats, sleek slingbacks, chic kitten heels, etc.). Best of all, these picks, in particular, feature elements that ooze a luxurious and elevated touch. Keep scrolling if you too, are looking for a chic pair of shoes to keep your outfits looking sophisticated this spring/summer season.

Judith Jones
Senior Fashion Market Editor

Judith Jones is the senior fashion market editor at Who What Wear who specializes in shopping content and trend stories with high-affiliate impact. She shares the coolest, most desirable fashion market finds and brands for every budget. Previous to working in fashion, Judith worked as a TV host on the PBS travel show Globe Trekker (airing on Netflix and Amazon Prime) sharing her passion for travel and culture.