10 Spring 2020 Styles I'm Buying on the Cheap

Affordable Spring Trends


@diane.kari; PICTURED: Zara Wool Blend Jacket ($40) and Wool Blend Crop Top ($26)

I am the first person to admit that I have an unhealthy relationship with clothing, shopping, and the fashion industry as a whole, but that doesn't mean I spend beyond my means in order to keep up with it all. There is certainly a time and a place for splurging on investment pieces, but when it comes to the new styles and trends that surface each season, one must shop and spend with care.

Now, I know all of you will have a different opinion on which fresh spring styles are worth splurging versus saving on, but in the hope that you trust my judgment, I decided to list out the 10 spring styles I'll be shopping on the cheap this season. By cheap, I mean under $100(ish), and I have provided a little bit of my reasoning for why each category is one to watch this spring. Scroll down, you'll see. 

Knit Sets

Knit sets are the perfect thing to get you from winter to spring in style. Wear the pair under a coat for now, and come summer, wear only the tank. Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.


Lingerie detailing was a major spring 2020 trend, but it was the corsetry, in particular, that caught my attention. Unlike the other trends within this beyond-the-bedroom theme, I feel like corsets will never go out of style. 

Long Shorts

Last year, I refused to jump on the jorts bandwagon, but this time around, the addition of tailored styles to the whole long shorts bandwagon has me feeling right at home. 

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts remind me of my youth when I had to wear a uniform every day. Now, the top style feels fresh for spring and something I plan on wearing instead of white and graphic tees (my usual casual spring go-to). 

Black & White Pieces

Be it shoes, pants, or sweaters, this season, anything with a stark black-and-white presence is something I plan on adding to cart. As a rule of thumb while shopping, the more drastic the two-tone, the better… and cooler.

Big Collars

The Mango shirt below is the perfect representation of the kind of big collars I'm talking about. There's been a rise in the fashion industry of styling your collars atop jackets and blazers, so whether you want to go big or simply use the button-down shirts you already own to achieve the look, you can't really go wrong. 


Utility-inspired pieces are another clothing trend that never really seems to go out of style. This season, however, the runways proved that a more elevated utility look is upon us. 


The pastels of 2020—sherbet. Including a mix of vibrant yet soft (you know what I mean) orange and pink hues, this fresh new color trend is one that I would prefer to buy on the cheap, you know, in case it's not relevant for the long run. 

Tube Tops

The '90s are back and I plan on embracing the continuing resurgence of the decade with tube tops of all kinds. This tiny top will help you achieve impressive looks of all kinds. Check out how the runways did it for some inspiration. 

Raffia Accessories

Raffia proved to be a major theme in both the accessory and ready-to-wear world alike this season, but as for me and my personal style, I prefer to stick to raffia accessories. They feel more approachable and just like the fun seasonal addition my wardrobe needs.

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