And Now, the Chic (and Affordable) Maternity Brands to Know

If you’re expecting a child in the coming months, you already know that making an addition to the family means spending more on another person. So when you’re saving up for that extra mouth to feed, why not save with affordable maternity clothes?

When you’ve already budgeted out everything from a nifty baby stroller to chic and adorable baby clothes, the last thing you, like most mothers, want to think about is spending a ton of money on maternity clothes that you’ll only wear for a few months, at best. Chic maternity clothes don’t have to be expensive. After all, at the end of the day, it’s about preparing for welcoming your new bundle of joy (and looking good doing it!).

Ready to start shopping? We rounded up all of our favorite affordable maternity brands that’ll make you hone that pregnancy glow without breaking the bank. Add them to your cart now, because it won’t get better than that.

When you're saving money with a new maternity wardrobe, you can to use your paychecks on that new baby of yours!