24 Under-$100 Items Stylists Want You to Buy Now

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Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the seemingly effortless appearance of our favorite celebrities when we’re seeing Instagram snaps or street style shots of their literally picture-perfect outfits day after day. I’m sure you’ve at times wondered how they do it. Well, what we often have to remind ourselves is that there’s actually team of people working hard to make these stylish moments happen—and at the helm of those teams are stylists.

And while It girls do wear their fair share of high-priced designer goods, the best dressed ones tend to mix in a handful of affordable pieces as well. That’s why I recently reached out to six of the aforementioned celebrity stylists to get the lowdown on the under-$100 items we should all be buying now. And from accessories to dresses to denim, their answers did not disappoint; read on to see and shop their picks.

Sissy Sainte-Marie

“Summer days may be gone, but as the sun starts to sit lower in the sky, you’ll still need chic shades for fall. Need Supply now makes its own no-nonsense frames under the Need brand for less than $100.” Sissy Sainte-Marie

“This little Zara bag is irresistibly adorable.” Sissy Sainte-Marie

“Here’s a perfect wardrobe staple that’s ethically and sustainably produced—a rarity in the under-$100 range.” Sissy Sainte-Marie

“Loeil has lots of eye candy for your ears priced well under $100. (Not to tempt you, but it also has a heap of cute dresses for a wee bit over $100.)” Sissy Sainte-Marie

“When Julie Pelipas’s big white jeans look went viral this summer, I just couldn’t resist copping her steez. You too can find your 12-sizes-too-big jeans for 40 bucks here at Langston’s.”Sissy Sainte-Marie

Cary Robinson

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“A must-have. I love simple jewelry, and these can be worn with any and everything.” — Cary Robinson 

“My go-to black clutch. Not too big and not too small.” Cary Robinson 

“A must-have staple piece to have in your wardrobe.  You can dress this perfect little sweater up or down, and it’s great for fall!” — Cary Robinson

“My new obsession are these cuffs from By Chari! A timeless piece you can wear with anything. I like to stack them too!” — Cary Robinson

Alexandra Mandelkorn

“Bring earth elements into your wardrobe with rattan jewelry.” — Alexandra Mandelkorn 

“Love this day-to-night clutch with an ode to the cosmos. Perfect to pair with fall tones.” — Alexandra Mandelkorn

“A chic alternative for early fall headwear. It’s still a little warm for a full hat.” — Alexandra Mandelkorn

Christina Pacelli

“Every woman should invest in a good strapless bra in black and nude so they can still have support with open necklines. I like Spanx bras because they’re smooth and seamless.” — Christina Pacelli 

“I love Le Specs and own multiple pairs. They’re designer quality at a really great price. When I need to update my look for the season, a new pair is the first way I do it.” — Christina Pacelli

“Commando low-rise seamless thongs are an essential part of my personal wardrobe, and I always have multiple pairs on hand in my kit. This seamless pair of underwear shows no lines and can be worn under most shades of white. I could not live or do my job without them.” — Christina Pacelli

“Nipple covers by Nippies is my favorite nipple-cover brand. They come in different skin tones, and the opaque shade obscures the nipple color and outline. These are indispensable in my kit for when my client goes sans bra and there is sheerness.” — Christina Pacelli 

Katie Bofshever

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“A good bag can elevate any look. This one from Mango has a great graphic shape and looks super high-end.” — Katie Bofshever 

“Levi’s 501 jeans are magic; these are my go-to when it comes to denim.” — Katie Bofshever 

“I’m a hoop girl through and through. These Laura Lombardi pairs are great because they make a statement but are still super lightweight.” — Katie Bofshever  

“White sneakers go with everything, and I love this classic style from Nike.” — Katie Bofshever 

Emily Sanchez

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+ Plaid Mini Skirt with Zippers ($19) 

“You basically just need this cute set, and I can vouch, as I already own it. All I can say is ‘Way harsh, Tai.’ And at a $50 price tag for the set, I can do Tai-from-Clueless cosplay all season long.” — Emily Sanchez

“For fall, treat yourself to a cheeky, trendy bag. As long as it’s under $50 like this one, you won’t feel bad getting sick of it by next season.” — Emily Sanchez

“I love this little printed power-lady dress. It’s a bit ’80s and bit ’40s. I suggest throwing on clean sneakers or chunky platforms to switch up the look.” — Emily Sanchez

Also available in more sizes.

“I love this sporty update of the denim mini. At under $20, you can go ahead and order all the colors to switch it up.” — Emily Sanchez