I Selfishly Didn't Want to Share My Rich-Looking Cheap Finds, But Here You Go


Courtesy of Zara; Courtesy of Urban Outfitters; Pictured: Zara Flowy Pants ($30), Buckled Chunky Rubberized Clogs ($50), and Mini Halter Dress ($50)Kiss the Sky Long Sleeve Tie Top ($39)

I wouldn't typically describe myself as selfish, but the other day, I was scouring the internet for cheap (under $50) items I could buy that would make me feel and look expensive. Since half of that sentence is basically an oxymoron, you can imagine how difficult this task was. All that being said, what I discovered was so good that it pained me slightly to share my findings with you here, but I decided to do the right thing and write a little shopping story about them. 

On my hunt, I was looking for fall 2021 finds that were rich in spirit but cheap in price. Below, you will see that none of the items featured ring in at more than $50. All of them are either quality basics or trendy must-haves, and of course, each pick had to look at least triple the price. Otherwise, it didn't make the cut. So enjoy my latest sartorial sweeties, and hopefully, they will bring you just as much joy and excitement as they brought me. 

This dress with those boots is perfection.

This bodysuit is the only white T-shirt you need in your life—trust me. 

Do yourself a favor and get these in every color. 

A blazer worth adding to your cart. 

Just the pop of color your fall wardrobe needs. 

This fall layering piece is extremely versatile. 

Everyone's talking about miniskirts right now. 

Zara's current assortment of clogs is unmatched. 

I am a big believer in bold layering pieces. 

A fancy baseball hat? I'm intrigued. 

I usually hate flats, but these are kind of chic. 

The most elevated crop top I've ever seen. 

Yes, this also comes in black, and I think you need both.

Throw this on after a workout for an instantly elevated look.

I would pair this with relaxed tailored trousers and chunky loafers. 

Bad hair day? At least make it look expensive. 

A print impossible to resist. 

No one will ever guess this bag cost $31. 

Here's proof sweatpants really aren't your only option. 

This color is my favorite right now.

I am still shocked at this price tag. 

This would look incredible with chunky knee-high boots and a sleek shoulder bag. 

You'll never want to take these off. 

A hair bow for when I'm feeling sweet.