7 Under-$50 Fashion Items I Wear More Than Anything Else in My 30s

As someone who is well into their 30s (it's fine—I've accepted it), I like to think that I've really honed in on my personal style. My 20s were filled with fashion trial and error. But at this point, I tend to know what I like, and I focus on stocking up on those types of items. Luckily for me, some of the fashion items that I wear more than anything else are readily available via our Who What Wear collection for Target (shop it in Target stores and online), and everything is under $50.

Our newest set of spring pieces just dropped, and I can't get over how many of them fit perfectly into my wardrobe. Given that spring is coming, the focus is on pretty prints (on skirts, dresses, and tops) that can easily be mixed and matched and cool neutrals that are as on-trend as they are timeless. There are also plenty of shoes and accessories that will undoubtedly see me through until fall.

Curious as to which pieces I recommend for everyday wear? Keep scrolling to shop the under-$50 versions of seven fashion items I swear by.

Pretty Tops to Wear With Denim

I wear jeans a lot, so having eye-catching tops to pair with them is paramount for me. Currently, I'm loving full sleeves, ruffles, and silky fabrics. 

Black-and-White Dresses and Tops

Try as I may to broaden my color horizons, I always go back to black-and-white prints. You simply can't go wrong with the cleanest and most modern of color pairings.


Year after year, I reach for mules more than any other shoe style in my closet. They provide such an effortlessly cool look that no other shoe style achieves as successfully, in my opinion.


It's a bit ironic to say that neutrals are a major trend this season since they're so timeless, but full tonal neutral looks are truly everywhere right now. Luckily, I have plenty of them in my wardrobe.

Polished Knits

I work from home, and knitwear is admittedly a big part of my wardrobe because of it, but I tend to prefer non-sloppy knits that I can also wear out and about.

Quirky Bags

I love bags that spark a conversation or at least a compliment, and it's become my signature to carry quirky (yet functional) ones that do just that.

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