I'm in My 30s—Here's What I'll Never Wear Again

Welcome to My Post-30 Wardrobe, a series in which our editor Allyson shares with you her experiences and advice pertaining to shopping and outfit planning as a 30-something fashion editor. While Allyson's style has certainly changed since she turned 30, she also believes that age is just a number and you should wear whatever makes you feel the coolest and most confident.

Upon turning 30 a few years ago, I didn't exactly wake up one day and decide I can't wear this or that anymore. I've just found that as time passes, there are things I wore in my 20s that I simply don't want to wear anymore and that I don't feel mesh with the rest of my current wardrobe. That said, everyone has a different aesthetic, and what doesn't work for me post–age 30 may still work for you. And that's perfectly fine. In case you're curious, though, keep scrolling to find out which 10 items I'm skipping for the foreseeable future, and see (IRL) and shop the pieces I presently wear on repeat.