11 Affordable Pieces That Will Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

We’re always on the hunt for ways to make an outfit look more chic, elegant, and yes, expensive-looking, but nothing’s better than being able to achieve all three qualities without having to overspend. Today, we’re bringing you 11 of our favourite items that will make you look, and more importantly, feel like a million bucks.

High-Quality Tee


Stockholm Street Style

While spending a bit of extra money on a plain t-shirt might sound silly, a truly well-made style can make a huge difference.

Silk Shirt


The Styleograph

A silk shirt feels as luxe as it looks. While there are plenty that cost more than a $100, it’s not hard to find chic, budget-friendly options.

Personalised Jewellery


Always Judging

A piece of jewellery that’s been personalised with your name, initials, or the like inherently has a high-quality feel. We especially love delicate, engraved pieces to give your outfit that extra intentional touch.



Maja Wyh

Because, honestly, who doesn’t feel classy in a cape?

“Leather” Pants


Stockholm Street Style

As long as you pick a pair that fits well and has a nice feel, faux leather pants can elevate your outfit just as well as the real deal.

Long Coat


Berta Bernad

A long, lightweight coat is versatile enough to wear over anything from a cocktail dress to boyfriend jeans. No matter what you layer it over, it will always help pull your outfit together a little more.

ASOS Duster Coat ($114) in Lilac Grey

Silk Scarf


Into The Fold

A silk scarf is a timeless accessory that instantly adds an elegant touch to your look, whether it’s worn around your neck or tied around your purse handle.

They may not be practical, but for that reason, tiny bags have a tendency to look expensive—as long as you pick the right one. If you’re on a budget, look for a something structured in an embossed or metallic material.

Oversized Sunglasses


Collage Vintage

Why do oversized sunglasses make an outfit look expensive? Perhaps it’s because so many famous faces have shielded their eyes with the stylish, exaggerated accessory. Whatever the reason, they convey an unquestionably powerful vibe, and they’re easy to find on a budget!



Andy Heart

Cell phones have pretty much rendered watches useless, so the timepieces are now more of a fashion statement than a necessity. While we appreciate a designer watch for its craftsmanship, you can snag a less-costly style to lend some sophistication to your look.

Snake-Print Clutch


Stockholm Street Style

Textured snake print feels exotic and classic at the same time. We suggest adding a snake-print clutch to your collection for a dose of luxury.

BCBG MAXAZRIA Sophie Clutch ($65)

Do you have any tricks for making an outfit look expensive? We’d love to know, so share it in the comments below!