I Shop on Amazon Every Other Day—Here's What I'm Buying Now

Call me crazy, but one of my favorite seasonal activities includes transitioning my closet—especially when it comes to spring cleaning. And candidly, spring/summer dressing is my forte. While many of us are spending time at home, there's no time like the present to start sifting through our closets for a cleanout. There’s something about packing up and saying goodbye to all of your heavy-duty winter coats and saying hello to wardrobe pieces you haven’t seen in awhile, like square-toe sandals, lightweight knit cardigans, and fun floral numbers to begin to welcome the season.  

While it is a thrill to rediscover pieces within your wardrobe, it’s even more thrilling to purchase a few new pieces if your budget affords to bring some newness to your closet. Because I already own most spring wardrobe essentials that have withstood the test of time season after season, I mainly look for new trends that I don’t own but definitely want to add to my wardrobe. Think vintage square eyeglasses, cropped cardigans, and silk hair scarves. As a seasoned Amazon shopper, I’ve become quite familiar with what fashion finds are not only worth buying but also prove to have good quality while being on trend. Below are 20 fashion items I have in my Amazon cart right now that are easy on the wallet.

Trenches are great, but two-tone trenches are even better. 

You heard it here first: Square is the shape of the season. 

Cardigans have really made a comeback this season. 

As I said, it's all about the square. 

Recently, I've been opting for light-yellow pieces instead of white, and I have to say, it's my new color. 

This comes in six other tastefully muted colors. 

Style this number with chunky boots or sleek sandals. This dress is quite versatile. 

I typically go for dainty gold jewelry, so I love to add a contrasting piece every now and then to complete my look. 

Square sunglasses, square-toe sandals, square-neck tops…

Both a style and a price I am fully behind. 

Style tip: Have fun styling your socks with loafers, whether they're fuzzy, printed, or multicolored. 

A bomber jacket is the transitional wardrobe piece to have. 

I'm still obsessed with the pearl-drop earring trend, and when combined with sculptural silver, it's the perfect pairing.

The more interesting the neckline, the better. 

While I have a lot of sandals, this season I'm all about strappy sandals. 

Take a cue from some of our favorite street style stars and try braiding a silk hair scarf into your hair. 

I already have 100 outfit ideas for this top.