9 Earring Trends Every Fashion Girl Is After RN

For me, discovering upcoming season’s trends will always be exhilarating. There’s an intrinsic thrill watching the reveal on the runways and seeing the trends come to fruition in the streets.

This winter, I’ve scrutinized the on-trend prints and patterns, the must-have minimalist wool coat, and the burgeoning boot silhouette that’s sure to dominate the New Year. And last but certainly not least (disclaimer—my dressing ethos is to start from the shoe up), I’ve done a deep dive into the earring trends that have made the jump from the runway to every fashion girl’s vanity.

From a reincarnation of the beloved hoop to quirky souvenir-style earrings, this winter’s earring trends emphasize expressing yourself. Want to pay homage to the earth and its elements Inspired by vintage antiques? Feeling a little extravagant and striving to make a statement? Whatever it may be, there’s an earring for that.

Ahead, uncover the earring trends every fashion girl is indulging in this season and shop our picks.

There’s something poetic about this earring trend. The delicacy of the chain juxtaposed with the heavier ornament attached creates a rather stunning dynamic. Not to mention, they're the perfect length this winter resting *just* above your coat collars.

Possibly the most playful earring trend seen this winter, souvenir-style earrings are having a major moment. What exactly constitutes a souvenir earring? Look for elements resembling those little knickknacks collected on a family vacation, but with a sophisticated flair.

Tip: Opt for multiple single earrings to create your own souvenir-style pairing.

Fashionable Wooden Earrings



From Chloe and Jacquemus to Jil Sander and Isabel Marant, designers are tapping into nature for inspiration. Retreating back to wooden shapes and earth-tone color palettes, earrings are paying tribute to Mother Nature herself.

Best Earrings For a Night Out



Embrace your glam side by dressing up any outfit with this chandelier, shoulder-dusting number. As far as I’m concerned, the high-glam ’80s-inspired trend isn’t going anywhere. Take advantage of this maximalist moment. 

Fashionable Winter Earrings



There’s no question that the chain-link trend has withstood the test of time. Update your links by adding an adornment. It’s the sufficient amount of embellishment to make the trend feel new again.

Vintage Inspired Earrings



Jewel tones paired with subtle baroque elements comprise the bejeweled, bewitched, and bewildered earring trend. Opt for vintage-inspired pieces that possess dark, earthy jewel tones to recreate the look.

Best Hoop Earrings This Winter



It goes without saying that hoops are every fashion girl’s go-to earring. Mini hoops, hoops the size of your head, or a triple stack of hoops up your ear—they’re dominating the scene. Take a sculptural approach to your hoops this winter giving them the update they deserve.

Silver Statement Earrings



Is it just me, or is silver having a comeback this season? While I’m typically a gold gal, there’s something very appealing about silver this winter. I’m going to ease back into silver by designating the sculpted silver earring as my new statement style.

You most likely have gold, silver, and hopefully by now wooden earrings. The style hack this season? Mix all of the elements to create an artful masterpiece.

Now that you’re fully versed on this winter’s earring trends, discover the five winter trends that will be in style forever.

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