The New '90s-Inspired Sneakers Adidas Calls "Provocative" and "Rebellious"

Adidas really wants you to know that its new sneaker launch is anything but ordinary. The announcement for its new Prophere sneakers is littered with impressive claims: Adidas describes them as provocative, bold, disruptive, rebellious, and technically innovative, just to name a few terms.

So why all the hype? Adidas Originals' SVP of global design, Nic Galway, explained in a press release: "With Prophere we wanted to take a different view of our archive and looked to the unapologetic aesthetic of the 90s, when the brand experimented with bold silhouettes. We took the provocative and uncompromising thinking of the era and reimagined it for today—a confident approach to branding and unexpected proportions of toolings were the inspiration for Prophere." Mark your calendars: The new shoes launch in stores and online on December 15.

Read on to preview Adidas's new Prophere sneakers launching on December 15.