Are Astrology Naked Jeans the Next Big Denim Trend? 


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Naked dresses? Been there. Naked shoes? Done that. Naked denim? Now that's a trend that designer Adam Selman is on a mission to get off the ground. A few months ago, Selman released a beautiful pair of sheer rose-embroidered jeans that took the fashion community by storm. Just when we thought he couldn't top them, he dropped a similar rendition, except this time, instead of roses, the jeans are covered in stunning astrological embroidery.

Adorned with stars, planets, and astrology signs galore, this new denim trend is essentially a work of art—one we want to wear ASAP, of course. You might be wondering how to pull off the naked denim trend, and our recommendation is simple: Style the jeans with a basic T-shirt and call it a day. Combining the festive nature of the jeans with something timeless and approachable will make for the perfect fashion-girl outfit. Ready to see these incredible new naked jeans for yourself?

Scroll down to see Adam Selman's latest pair of naked jeans.

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Adam Selman Astro Embroidered Tulle Sheer Jeans $595 )

Adam Selman Astro Embroidered Tulle Sheer Jeans ($595)

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