The Most Stylish Activewear Brands You Don't Know About—Yet

It's a known fact that if you're excited about your workout clothes, you're more likely to actually work out. To piggyback off that statement, imagine how much more excited you could be if you were wearing brands to the gym that no one had heard of yet—talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Don't get us wrong, we're still huge fans of big-name brands like Nike and Lululemon, but there are tons of niche activewear labels out there that have workout clothes unlike anything you've ever seen before. We're talking unique fabrics, prints, shapes, and designs that will have everyone in the gym asking you where you got your outfit and leave you more motivated to break a sweat.

Keep reading to discover these under-the-radar activewear brands!


Varley was founded by a couple from London who wanted to create an activewear line that represents the California lifestyle and the London aesthetic. The company's pieces are extremely unique in both print and design. 


(Image credit: Varley)

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As a Los Angeles–based brand, Alo Yoga is committed to giving its customers garments made with the best quality fabrics and on-trend styles. Here, you'll find textured leggings and lightweight crop tops perfect for your favorite yoga class. 


(Image credit: @aloyoga)

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Vie Active was founded by a personal trainer and experienced athlete who's also a mother. The idea behind the line was to create fitness attire that's simultaneously stylish and practical so a woman on the go doesn't have to sacrifice looking pulled together during her workouts.


(Image credit: @vieactivewear)

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Outdoor Voices aims to redefine the idea of being active by making it less competitive and more accessible. By creating stylish and easy activewear pieces, the company's hope is to encourage more people to be active with their friends, even if it's just for fun. 


(Image credit: @outdoorvoices)

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This brand aims to revolutionize the current idea of activewear, turning it into something more stylish than ever before. Turn to No Ka'Oi for pieces that are bold, bright, and statement making. 


(Image credit: @nokaoi_apparel)

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PE Nation's main goal is to create activewear suited for a fast-paced urban lifestyle by designing pieces that are reminiscent of traditional P.E. staples. The company's pieces are busy, creative, and functional, just like the company's founders. 


(Image credit: @p.e.nation)

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This brand is unique in that its mission is to give back in more ways than one. Good Hyouman has taken the traditional concept of retail and turned it into an experience that gives back to the community and tells your story while creating clothing that is inspiring and purposeful. 


(Image credit: @goodhyouman)

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Lovers + Friends is the best place to search for workout clothes that have unexpected details like lace-up sports bras and leggings, reimagining average activewear pieces as something insanely cute. 


(Image credit: @loversandfriendsla)

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A common theme with these activewear brands is the desire to create pieces that suit women with busy lifestyles so they can head straight from their workouts to their offices. BodyLanguage Sportswear does that with ease via its fashion-forward prints, details, and cuts. 


(Image credit: @blsportswear)

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The Upside, founded by an Australian fashion icon, is known for its vibrant prints, matching sets, and standout quality. Women who wear this brand value their intense physical training as well as their stylish lifestyles. 


(Image credit: @the_upside)

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This NYC brand is beloved by its fans for the special way it gives back. The company donates 10% of each purchase to a charity of your choosing.


(Image credit: @prjon_athleisure)

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