Leggings as Pants Are 100% Happening Again—Here's How to Pull Them Off

Arguably one of the longest-standing debates in the world of fashion surrounds whether or not it's okay to wear leggings as pants. It's not hard to understand the allure of wearing leggings 24/7 in place of rigid denim and stiff trousers, but I think it's safe to say that for a while the idea seemed "off-limits." While I'm in no position to tell you what you can and can't wear, I can't imagine I'd be promoting the leggings-as-pants look—until now.

I can't help but notice how fashion girls are starting to style their leggings solo (and not just for the gym). Thanks to new trends like slit-front leggings, I've spotted a number of incredibly chic outfits with leggings as pants and it's not only convinced me that they're 100% happening again but have even inspired me to hop on board. I've found that wearing them as a layering piece with boxy blazers, sleek utility jackets, and long trench coats is a failsafe approach, but that with a bit more styling effort they can totally be dressed up with a fancier top and heels (yes, it's possible!).

Ultimately, leggings have plenty of uses—and we're about to share nine very chic ways to wear them that go way beyond a workout.


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Emulate this "'80s Princess Diana" vibe with an oversize blazer and sporty accessories.

Get the look:


(Image credit: @annabelrosendahl)

If you ask me, it's totally okay to let a tailored jacket do all the work for you.

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(Image credit: @rosiehw)

Take notes from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and style of-the-moment slit leggings with a utility jacket and sporty sandals.

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(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Tired of black leggings? Create a bold look when you pair thick, trouser-like leggings with heels and a bright cardigan.

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(Image credit: @nlmarilyn)

Capri leggings take on an elevated feel with chain heels and a structured top.

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(Image credit: @asos_lotte)

Logo sweatshirts are a vibe. Create a sporty-cool look when you wear one with a scrunchie, hoop earrings, and good ol' leggings.

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(Image credit: @basicstouch)

Bookmark this outfit that requires little effort but definitely looks cool.

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(Image credit: @kerifay)

You might have tried tucking your skinny jeans into knee-high boots, but according to this outfit, it works just as well with thick, no-show leggings.

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