I Dialed Up Gen Z to Figure Out Which Y2K Trends Are Overrated and Which to Buy



The resurgence of Y2K-inspired fashion has been going on for quite some time. The beginning of this seems to be marked by the early 2020 days. As people flocked to TikTok to keep themselves entertained during the lockdown, Gen Z suddenly had the microphone and began calling the shots as to what would be trending. As a member of Gen Z myself, I remember being way too young to dabble with trends like low-rise jeans and barely there butterfly tops but loved watching young adults flaunt them. So collectively we decided to have our turn at those early 2000s trends. 

Although it's now been about two years since the return of Y2K, the aesthetic is going stronger than ever rotating through trends that we'd thought were long forgotten. So I began to wonder, which of these trends are still worth wearing and which have we fully moved on from. I dialed up Devin Apollon who has been at the forefront of the social media-driven Y2K trends since the reboot began. Her input on the pieces that are still worth buying into ended up being the exact guidance I needed to plan out my summer wardrobe. 

OUT: Checker Print
IN: Vintage-Inspired Biker Moto Jackets



"Let's leave the race-car culture at home for summer and instead opt for more fun and flirty—anything but the checkers. I'm loving biker jackets instead. They really don't belong to any era… which is why they'll always be in! Styles change, but the trend lives on forever and everyone needs a great one for all seasons."—Apollon

You can't go wrong with something bright and fun.

OUT: Abstract Printed Spandex Tops
IN: Cropped Cardigans

"The abstract spandex top has had its moment, let's move away from these and opt for simple basics for light summer layering like cropped cardigans. I love to layer so I can never give up on a chance to wear cropped knitwear, especially since these pieces transcend seasons. It's fun to play with different materials and styles, but definitely pick a few up this spring for those crisp summer nights."—Apollon

OUT: Chunky Platform Boots
IN: Sleek, Pointed-Toe Boots

"I've always loved a good pair of heavy boots, but with #HotGirlSummer rapidly approaching, it’s time to shelve the clunkers and opt for the dainty summery moments. Think vintage Dior boots, the dream staple. Just add a miniskirt or pair of flared jeans, instant chicness. Do not shy away from a sexy silhouette boot this season!"—Apollon

Obsessed with this colorway.

And why not try a mini style for summer?

OUT: Trucker Hats
IN: Metallic Purses

"Everything good must come to an end, and while the trucker hat will always have a place in my heart, we’re beating a dead horse here. Metallic purses in any color are going to be a huge accessory trend this summer. Bottega Veneta just came out with a green metallic moment, and I just know it will instantly elevate any outfit you wear this season."—Apollon

OUT: Tennis Skirts
IN: Deconstructed Midi and Miniskirts



"They get to be a bit tired if you're not actually playing tennis—let's leave the rest to Venus and Serena. I would opt more for mini denim skirts or a variation of the pleated skirt. Deconstructed pieces are in and will be all the rage this summer. They're fun, flirty, and edgy all at the same time. Immediate swoon!"—Apollon