The Coachella Capsule: The Only 9 Pieces You Need to Pack

Aemilia Madden

Natalie Off Duty

Coachella newbies and seasoned veterans alike know, they're in for a weekend (or two) of great music, toasty temperatures, and most importantly, trendsetting festival style. So if you're starting to plan what to pack, we're here to help. While in years past, it was boho details that dominated, things are shaping up to be different in 2017. With trends like bomber jackets and dad caps dominating street style, we can expect these staples to trickle down to festival dress as well.

Below we're highlighting nine major trends we consider to be the clothing styles to take to Coachella. Each has a practical purpose, but it manages to offer up some major style, too—how can you say no? So, whether it's Radiohead or Kendrick Lamar you'll be dancing the night away to, you'll be doing it in style.

Check out our five must-wear pieces for Coachella below.

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