The #1 Feature That Makes Sweatpants More Slimming

Bobby Schuessler

Like many of you, we have spent the entire season identifying the perfect casual ensembles for our off-duty lives. We've embraced a variety of legging outfits (pairing the stretchy pants with cool bomber jackets, oversize sweaters, and ankle boots), but we haven't quite gotten on board with the sweatpants look—until now.

Though track pants have cropped up in the street style world, classic terry-cloth sweats haven't been as much of a hit—most likely because they haven't always been the most flattering choice. Well, if you're looking to incorporate sweats into your off-duty style rotation (which we totally think you should!), we tapped Carbon38’s chief merchant and activewear expert, Yoon Chung, to spill the details you should look for to ensure the sweatpants you're eyeing will be as slimming as your leggings. 

Chung revealed "the most important thing when looking for a slimming sweatpant is finding a pair with narrow pant legs and a tighter fit across the hip," which she said "creates a more streamlined silhouette." She also advised avoiding "oversize sweatpants if you looking for a clean and slimming look," and added that "a taller band at the bottom would help to create a slimming silhouette." We couldn't agree more—a tight band that's taller at the bottom will inherently make the leg of the sweatpants look more streamlined and slim.

Interested in adding the most flattering sweatpants to your closet? Keep scrolling to check out the styles every woman should own.

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