French Girls Can't Agree on This Trend

Allyson Payer

Sarah Nait

If you thought that leggings were a polarizing trend in the U.S., wait until you hear what stylish French girls have to say about them. We reached out to four ultra-stylish Parisian tastemakers to find out if they actually wear them or if they shun them despite their popularity here in the U.S. To be honest, we assumed that given the classic French-girl aesthetic, they would all say that they "déteste" them, but that wasn't exactly the case. Unlike spring's "ugly" shoe and neon trends, they aren't all adverse to leggings. Their opinions about where it's appropriate to wear them and with what greatly varied.

While these five women obviously don't represent every girl in France, they do represent quintessential French fashion girls, and based on their over-460,000 combined Instagram followers, plenty of people around the world admire their style. Keep scrolling to see what they had to say on the subject, and shop the legging style that's the perfect compromise: the trouser-legging hybrid, treggings.

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