$25-and-Under White Elephant Gifts That Are Legitimately Cool

Aemilia Madden

Gifting mom and dad is easy (socks and soap, always socks and soap). But when it comes time for the annual white elephant party, now that's a different story. Finding a gift that's chic and clever is difficult enough. And when you add affordable into the mix, it can feel like an impossible task. Luckily we're here to remedy the situation. 

We've done a little digging to find a handful of white elephant gifts that will make every other party-goer jealous they didn't grab one for themselves. They all look seriously impressive, but each one is under $25, which makes things just a little easier on you. Check them all out below, and then grab the gift that speaks to you most. Let's just say, we know whose gift will be first picked next year. 

Read on to shop our must-have white elephant gifts now!

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