I'm a Libra, and This Is What an Astrologer Told Me to Buy for Fall


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We've looked to a variety of different experts for advice this season, from TSA agents to celebrity stylists. But for the more astrologically inclined, how about some fall trend pointers from an astrologer? Natalia Benson used to do our horoscopes for Who What Wear last year, so I thought she'd be the perfect person to tap about fall shopping advice for Libras, including yours truly.

As you know, we officially entered Libra season on September 23 and it extends to October 23. Whether you're a fellow Libra or would like to tap into Libra's qualities of harmony and balance, scroll down to read Benson's brilliant advice for fall shopping according to the sign.

Olive Green

"Olive green keeps coming up for me intuitively right now," Benson said. When she mentioned this, I immediately googled the color and found that it can represent peace through compassion, which made her intuition make a lot of sense. "Peace through compassion is totally Libra," Benson said after I told her what I found. "That whole energy taps into a major Libra theme: harmony. When there is a lot of planetary concentration in one sign, it's an exalted time for the sign while the rest of us should try to tap into Libra qualities."


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Statement Necklaces

"With jewelry, you can celebrate the Venusian quality moving through the sign by stepping it up with some pizzazz and statement pieces," Benson said." Venus has goddess energy, so lean into ornamentation, dressing up, and extra vibes when it comes to accessories. Add some bright, gorgeous energy." 


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Running Shoes

"There are a lot of planets in Libra right now, so there is a lot of energy in your sign," Benson told me. "The sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all moving through Libra right now. I would say it's an active time; there is a lot of movement and forward motion. For shoes, I would invest in running shoes and sneakers that are comfortable and practical because there's a lot to do right now." 


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Fun Hair Accessories

"Libras should look for all kinds of adornment. I just saw an Instagram by Justine Marjan with pearl hair accessories. Look for maybe pearls, gold, big barrettes, and statement pieces for your hair." 

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Silky Jackets

"This is your time to express yourself," Benson said. "It's your time to shine. I'm feeling something silky, luxe, high-end, and good quality, like a silk jacket. Look for something durable that could last all season but still has a feminine touch to add balance, which is central to Libras." 


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