Call Me Risqué, But These Are the 5 Naked Trends I Can't Wait to Try Next Year


Courtesy of Sandy Liang, Nensi Dojaka, Miu Miu, and Christian Siriano

I am always game for a risqué trend, and luckily, the S/S 22 runways were chock-full of them. What started as a cutout here and there quickly escalated into barely there trends of all kinds featuring tops that should hardly be considered tops, skirts so small you feel a little frightened looking at them, and cutout garments that have you wondering how they are even being held together. While I know these "naked" trends, as we like to call them, certainly aren't for everyone, I decided to take it upon myself to share with you the five naked trends I plan on dabbling in come next year. 

Ahead, check out the five trends that will have you doing a double take, and shop all my favorite versions that have hit the market so far. These trends are not for the faint of heart, so if you're down to test out the new naked, by all means, add all these products to your cart ASAP.

Shrinking Minis


Courtesy of Miu Miu

The last two seasons have proven miniskirts are only getting shorter and shorter. We discussed this "great shrinkage" movement in-depth earlier this year, but the most noticeable decrease in fabric has been these tiny skirts, no doubt. As odd as it may sound, I'm actually excited to give these barely there skirts a try, and you can bet I'm planning on getting my hands on one of those Miu Miu babies. 

Never-Ending Cutouts


Courtesy of Christian Siriano 

Are we surprised that cutouts have stuck around this long? Honestly, I kind of am, but I am embracing them nonetheless. I've always been one to lean into a risqué trend, so considering cutouts are a "naked" style I've become quite comfortable with, you will definitely see me wearing some next year. 

Sheer Genius


Courtesy of Khaite

I've only worn a sheer dress once, and let me tell you, I liked it. It was a little scary, but that's what made it exciting. Knowing now that this will be a trend that lives on in 2022, I feel it is my duty to give it a few more go-arounds before the shelf life expires. I love this more elegant version from Khaite but am definitely also down for that Coperni dress sans slip. 

Go Low


Courtesy of Sandy Liang

Skirts keep getting smaller, and pants keep getting lower. And no, I don't make the rules. I didn't really dabble too much in this trend this year, so I think by 2022, I'll be ready to get low. (Pun semi-intended.) 

Floss 2.0


Courtesy of Nensi Dojaka

Last but not least, the 2022 version of the floss trend we love reporting on so much here at Who What Wear. Nensi Dojaka is one of the designers who has really changed the game as far as delicate strapping is concerned. From stunning strappy bras to twisted and tied dresses, this floss trend is taking on a fresh look next year, and I am so here for it.