It's Official: These 5 Sneaker Trends Are "In" for Summer

Just put down the sandals for a second. I know it's tempting to wear them 24/7 in this heat, but the wave of interesting sneakers buzzing around right now is worth the screen time. Sneaker trends can come and go spontaneously, which means the styles and names trending in January are subject to change halfway through the year, and they have indeed. Whereas classic white sneakers reigned last season, the current vibe is all about ultra-sporty silhouettes dripped in color and statement details. The recent adoration of Asics by fashion people, in general, is perhaps the biggest example of the shift. Maybe the era of the white sneaker is done for? It seems that way—well at least for right now.

But it's not just Asics getting all of the shine. Other sneaker trends have emerged this summer, and I'm delving into each and every one. Keep scrolling to see the full lineup of the styles defining the moment as well as the pairs to shop.

1. Pastel Hues



If you're going to embrace color at some point in the year, you might as well do it during the summer. The best place to start is with the influx of pastel-hued kicks. From Creamsicle orange to sky blue, vibrant color is making a comeback on the sneaker front. Nike's recent lineup of Air Jordans and Dunks with colorful trims are specifically on my wish list.

2. Monochromatic Nudes



While everyone seems to be taking a collective pause on white sneakers, the monochromatic neutral is on the rise. This style diverges from typical nude sneakers, in that mostly everything—from the laces to the sole—are completely nude.

3. Asics

If there is one brand that's defining the moment, it's without a doubt Asics. Its popularity has seemingly skyrocketed out of nowhere, but looking at the projection of sneaker trends until now, the shift toward extremely utilitarian and outdoorsy styles has been happening for a bit. The good thing about this trend is that they're relatively easy to find, and you won't have to scramble to resellers to scoop up a cool pair.

4. Soccer-Inspired Silhouettes



Retro-inspired trends always make a comeback within the sneaker space, and this season is no different. With a pared-down shape, a rounded toe, and a thinner sole, soccer sneakers are experiencing a revival. Adidas's Samba sneakers are an obvious choice, but I'd also recommend some underrated brands like Onitsuka Tiger and Gola.

5. Hyper-Sporty



There's no gym membership required to get in on this trend, but it might make you want to run around the track a bit.