I'm a Beauty Editor, and These Are the 8 Zara Perfumes I Recommend for Winter

As a beauty editor, I'm not lying when I say that Zara perfumes are some of the best fragrances on the market. Don't get me wrong—I love my luxury perfumes from the likes of Le Labo and Byredo, but when I don't want to spend a fortune, I always turn to some select high-street perfumes to give my fragrance collection a refresh. Although I tend to stick to the same sort of scents, when winter rolls around I like to switch things up a little bit by introducing richer, warmer and earthier perfumes. In the name of getting excited for the season ahead, I decided to do some online shopping and treat myself to some of the best Zara winter perfumes. 


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From deep, musky scents to sophisticated vanilla fragrances that remind me of my favourite indulgent desserts, I've included something for everyone. All of these perfumes smell so expensive, but you'll be pleased to hear that every one of them costs under £30. So, whether you're treating yourself or doing a little bit of early Christmas shopping for someone else, keep on scrolling for the best Zara winter perfumes. Trust me, everyone will be complimenting you on your new seasonal signature scent…

Shop the Best Zara Winter Perfumes:

1. Zara Ebony Wood

2. Zara Hypnotic Vanilla

3. Zara Perpetual Oud

4. Zara Energetically New York

5. Zara Amber Fusion

6. Zara Red Temptation Winter

7. Zara Golden Decade Winter

8. Zara Supreme Vanilla

Shop More of My Favourite Zara Winter Beauty Buys:

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Junior Beauty Editor

Grace Lindsay is the junior beauty editor at Who What Wear UK. At the age of 18 she decided to train as a makeup artist before going on to study english and media at Goldsmiths University. It was during that time that she explored her love for journalism by interning at a small beauty start-up based in Shoreditch. Since then, she has worked at a number of publications including Marie Claire and Hello!, where her love for all things beauty continued to grow. 

As Who What Wear UK's junior beauty editor, she covers everything from the latest hair trends to the stand-out makeup products of the season.