Yes, Zara's Star Wars Merch Is Truly Incredible

December 15, 2017, marks an important date for Star Wars fans everywhere as the much-anticipated premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi finally comes to fruition. Whether you're planning on waiting in line to see it on opening night or are a huge Star Wars junkie in general, Zara has something you need to see—moreover, something you need to wear in preparation for the film's release.

Just today, the brand dropped Star Wars merchandise fit for a true fashion girl. Between the graphic T-shirt and the simple yet statement-making sweatshirt, we're at a loss for which we enjoy more. Good thing both pieces are each under $100—we say get both. In typical Zara fashion, the styling of this timely new merchandise is so good, even people who aren't fans of the films will want to snatch them up before it's too late. So if you want to look cool and prove to all your other Star Wars–obsessed friends that you're a true fan, you'll be adding these pieces to your cart ASAP.

Scroll down to shop Zara's new Star Wars merchandise.

Available in sizes S to XL. 

Available in sizes S to XL. 

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