Bye-Bye: 7 Trends Fashion Insiders Are Retiring This Year

As a professional clothing hoarder myself, spring-cleaning can come as quite an anxiety-ridden task. I have been known to value my clothing just a tad too much for my own good, which is why I usually call for back up, Carrie Bradshaw–style, once my closet is officially ready for a good clean-out. Besides donating or selling the items I no longer wear, I also look out for trends that are no longer relevant or that I am simply tired of to help me sort through all the riff-raff cluttering inside. Here today to help me re-organize my closet for the season ahead are a handful of fashion insiders who are filling me in on the items they will be retiring this year. 

Chances are I am not the only one currently itching for a good sartorial cleanse, so listen up because the items these stylish ladies ahead are admitting to being tired of are ones you most likely have shoved in the back of your closet somewhere and are desperate to get out. In addition to the trends these fashion insiders are retiring, each has listed out what they are most excited to buy for the season ahead. Between large bucket hats, bold hues, and spring-appropriate one-shoulder tops, the selection ahead is worth cleaning out your closet for, trust me. 

Géraldine Boublil, Influencer

Retiring: Overly Fitted Pieces

"This season I am retiring anything too skinny and fitted in place of well-tailored pieces and loose fits."

Buying: Large Bucket Hats

"I love the large bucket hat from Frankie Shop and the ones from Ganni. They give an immediate edge and a natural SPF."

Michelle Li, Associate Fashion Market Editor at Refinery29 

Retiring: Strappy Sandals

"A trend that I'm getting rid of is strappy sandals. I think I'm in the minority here, but they're just not for me as much as I love the way they look on others. They're so uncomfortable and don't provide the support I need for my crazy days. I need something with a chunky heel at least and wide straps so that they feel as similar as possible to my trusty sneakers."

Buying: One-Shoulder Tops & Miniskirts

"I'm really excited about one shoulder tops! Especially well-knit ones. I'm already starting my collection, but want to expand into more colors and finding interesting ways to layer them. I really love the sporty and sleek look that they have right now and think they have a lot of room to play with."

"Miniskirts! I'm really afraid of miniskirts, but this summer I want to step out of my comfort zone hem-wise. I feel like I'm not really a 'sexy' dresser. I don't wear tight things and like my clothing a size up. I feel like this skort is a good foray into miniskirts—it's short AND leather (double sexy!), but still has the security of shorts instead of skirts. A good compromise."

Ellie Nesmon, Influencer 

Retiring: Dad Sneakers & Monochromatic Looks

"This year I’m ditching dad sneakers and will favor combat boots or chunky leather dress shoes instead."

Buying: Chunky Leather Dress Shoes & Neon Knits

"I'm also retiring monochromatic looks over neon and pastels touches here and there."

Madeline Fass, Associate Market Editor at

Retiring: Impractical Heels & the Extra Canvas Tote

"During a recent trip to Japan, I adopted the most practical wardrobe I've ever had. Prior to the trip, my typical New York uniform was comprised of wobbly vintage heels, knee-high boots, and micro-top-handle bags that fit a limited amount of necessities—items I forced myself to give up in order to be well equipped for long days of exploring and a ton of walking (cough shopping)."

Buying: Flat Boots, Practical Sunnies, Crossbody Bags, & Everyday Earrings

"After a two-week run of getting creative with whatever I had left in my suitcase (turns out a tie-dye shirt can be worn with literally anything and slime green pants can be a neutral if you try hard enough), I was exposed to the benefits of cool and sensible fashion. Being petite, I tend to avoid flat shoes, and being particular, I was never a big fan of crossbody bags. While you couldn't pay me to retire my top-handle or kitten heel collection for good, this year, I have a new found appreciation for the chic yet practical accessory trends below."

Kellie Brown, Influencer

Retiring: Fanny Packs

"I'm sort of reaching the point where my eye twitches when I see a fanny pack. Not only am I retiring the trend, but I also wouldn't mind a few more people did as well."

Buying: Purple & Surfer-Inspired Pieces 

"Purple is the new pink, and I'm diving head-first into that trend. Speaking of diving, I'm also thinking about toying around with some of the new surfer-inspired looks this spring/summer. Now that I live in California, is that too literal?" 

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