Zara Is Stocking the Sneaker Trend Everyone Will Wear in 2019 Now



We mention a lot here at Who What Wear that if Zara is getting on board with a certain seasonal style, it’s officially considered a Trend (with a capital T). As you know, the retailer regularly stocks a healthy supply of trends year-round and is our go-to for affordable versions of the trends that are just about to break. Zara is sneakily fast (they don’t call it fast fashion for nothing).

Case in point: Zara's newest sneaker drop. As I was scrolling through its sneaker section, it became immediately clear that Zara is betting heavily on colored sneakers and more specifically, multicolored and color-blocked sneakers, which only confirms what we’ve already predicted for the sneaker market in 2019.

If you were a fan of Adidas’s playfully colored Falcons, we have a feeling you’ll be all over the latest sneaker styles Zara has on offer. From bold primary colors to pops of neon, there are so many styles that will convince you not to tread lightly on this trend.  Let’s face it, if you’re on the fence about testing out the bold sneaks, Zara’s wallet-friendly price point makes them a sweet deal. Convinced? Curious? Scroll down to shop all the color-blocked sneakers currently at Zara.