Did Zara Just Unveil the First Big Sneaker Trend of 2017?

While 2016's sneaker offerings were, without a doubt, more diverse than ever, stark white sneakers still reigned supreme. But 2017 is already shaping up to be even more of a mixed bag in the athletic footwear department. Case in point: While the bulk of Zara's merchandise is currently on sale, they do have a small section of new arrivals for S/S 17, and amid the shoe section is a pair of midnight blue sateen sneakers. Sateen is a cotton fabric that's woven like satin, and satin happens to be the biggest shoe trend for spring 2017 (see here and here). It could even rival this fall's velvet trend in popularity.

Intrigued by Zara's endorsement of the satin sneaker trend, we did a little digging and found a myriad of brands that are also on board, offering their own versions. Given the fancy vibe that satin lends to sporty sneakers, we think the new trend makes athletic footwear even more versatile than it already was.

Ready to rock what could be the first big sneaker trend of 2017? Keep scrolling to shop Zara's new sateen sneakers and a few of our other favorite satin iterations.


Sneakers don't get more feminine than these, done up in rose gold satin. 

We don't foresee these staying in stock for long.

Swap your white canvas kicks out for these in 2017. 

No one will guess that you paid $34 for these beauties. 

There will always be a special place in our hearts for Velcro straps. 

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Opening image: Zara

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