The Zara-Owned Shopping Sites You've Never Heard of Before

If you're anything like us, about 50% of your closet is from Zara. Whether it's the designer-looking shoes or forward-feeling separates, the retailer just stocks every single thing you want to wear all the time. But were you aware that the company that owns Zara, Inditex, actually owns an entire fast-fashion mecca of similar labels overseas? Seriously. While you can't shop these places in the U.S. yet, knowing about these stores is crucial if you're planning a vacay abroad this summer or, you know, if you want to join us in marching over to the Inditiex HQ soon to beg the higher-ups to bring the shops stateside.

Keep scrolling to check out a few of these affordable brands that you're bound to love almost (almost!) as much as Zara. And if you're in the mood to actually shop Zara, you can do that below too.