British Girls Always Shop for These 7 Pieces at Zara

Here at Who What Wear, we're quite fascinated by the Zara shopping habits of girls all over the world. It truly is the definition of a global company, with its home base in Spain and stores and e-comm delivery all over the world. Which brings us to the sartorially intriguing subject of British girls. In the U.S., there are specific Zara categories and items that just take off season after season and that we see women wearing on repeat. But what about in the UK? What are they shopping for and wearing in Great Britain right now? What's selling out?

Our curiosity led us straight to a cool British fashion girl herself, Emma Spedding, the deputy editor of Who What Wear UK. Spedding is a Zara shopper herself and being a fashion editor, her Zara radar is naturally top-notch. She filled us in on all the pieces British girls are clamoring for at Zara right now and we found her insider information to be quite intriguing, especially when we compared it to what American girls are always shopping for. Spedding divulged, "Like Americans, us Brits turn to Zara for trend-led pieces like satin shoes and pearl-embellished jeans, but I think us Brits tend to lean on Zara for the tailoring, outerwear and knitwear the most. You really do spot the famous blue and white coat (it has its own Instagram account called @thatcoat) everywhere across the country, and I'd guess most Brits own at least one simple Zara jumper."

Read on to see for yourself which Zara pieces British girls actually buy from Zara compared to what American girls are buying.