I Just Started Shopping Zara More Regularly—These Are the 30 Items I'm Loving RN

I consistently peruse Zara while doing market research for various stories. That said, I haven’t bought a ton from the retailer recently (aside from a faux-fur coat a few years ago). Honestly, it’s for no particular reason—I guess I’ve just focused on other stores when shopping. But alas, that’s all since changed. I actually came cross this purple sweatsuit last month, and just had to have it to complete my WFH wardrobe. I’ve also been adding a slew of other items to my cart—like a gorgeous maxi coat and a comfy sweater pick.

Well, there’s actually a range of other pieces I’m loving right now as well—including items I’ve been recommending to my friends when they’ve been asking for shopping advice. Naturally, I wanted to share with you a smattering of the finds I’m into that I think you might like as well. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the Zara items that could just pique your interest.

That chain accent takes this knit to the next level.

Love the idea of teaming this blazer with a sweatsuit.

All about the knit polo this season.

Here's the matching knit dress.

Toss this over a tee or another knit for a directional vibe.

The boot shape of the season.

Gorgeous with the tie closure.

Joggers you may just want to live in.

Sweater vests are where it's at RN.

This looks so insanely cozy.

And here are the adorable shorts from above. Oh, and here is the tank and cardigan.

These trousers look so high-end.

Knit top for the win.

And here's the gorgeous coordinating shrug.

These would look A+ with white tube socks.

A chic maxi coat for under $100.

A comfortable and elevated outerwear pick.

Wear this sweaterdress as is or over leggings.

Another cool boot option.

A modern skirt to wear with a range of separates.

The cropped silhouette is great.

Another top-notch knit vest.

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