This Is Zara's New Favorite Trend

We're on constant Zara trend patrol, given the fact that the fast-fashion brand is at the top of the heap when it comes to embracing directional trends. With its latest crop of new arrivals, it's quite apparent that embroidery is the retailer's latest obsession. (Amal Clooney is clearly on board too: She stepped out wearing a statement-making pair of embroidered flares last week, and the internet couldn't stop talking about it, us included.)

Embroidery is perhaps the most beautiful of the current crop of trends and can run the gamut from subtle to bold. It can adorn anything from shoes to bomber jackets (but we're particularly fond of the way it pops against denim). Zara has everything to cover your embroidery needs, including an assortment of miniskirts, jackets, ankle boots, jeans, and even accessories. Something about embroidery gives whatever it adorns an expensive quality, and these wallet-friendly pieces are no exception.

We predict that these eye-catching finds won't stay in stock for long, so shop our picks below while you can. 

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