The Only 2019 Denim Trends That Matter, According to Zara

Popular Zara Denim Trends 2019



Buying jeans can be scary, which means buying anything relating to jeans and trends is even more terrifying. Well, thanks to Zara (and me), it really doesn't have to be. If stepping outside of your classic denim assortment doesn't tickle your fancy in the slightest, I hear you, but the selection of denim trends ahead is worth at least giving a shot.

Zara is keen on churning out trends at the speed of light, so it's important to be mindful to not get wrapped up in every new style that the affordable retailer releases. However, when it comes to the five popular 2019 denim trends ahead, they are the styles that we know are here to stay throughout the end of the season and well into fall as well. Not as if you typically need much encouragement while shopping new Zara goodies, but in case you were wary, let the fact that your new denim purchase will be cool for months on end encourage you to add to cart and never look back.

Ahead, shop the five most popular denim trends currently available at Zara, from acid wash to pleats and more.

Colored Denim

Colored denim in almost every hue imaginable is here, and Zara is churning out some of the most elevated versions at those low prices you love. Choose a color, and let your summer of wearing fun denim begin. 

Acid Wash

We saw the '80s influence in not only spring/summer collections but the fall/winter ones as well. Naturally, Zara followed suit, producing acid-wash denim, yes, but also a slew of '80s-inspired party pieces as well. 


Pleated jeans—are you ready for 'em? This denim trend is definitely part of the '80s family but is a lot less in-your-face, if you know what I mean. We love this style because it mimics the darting and tailoring of a trouser style while offering the casual feel of denim. 

Midi Skirts

You're probably accustomed to denim miniskirts, but denim midi skirts? Now that might feel a bit outside of your wheelhouse. Well, according to Zara, this skirt style should be adopted instantly as an alternate option to, let's say, jorts? 


Loose jeans are not only the cool-girl denim style of the summer, but they will also literally keep you the coolest during the hot months that we are about to enter into. 

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