How Women Sizes 2 to 10 Wear the Same One-Size-Fits-All Swimsuit

As editors, we discover loads of new brands all the time, and believe me—we get excited about all of them. But just last month, we uncovered a new line of swimwear that seriously stopped us in our tracks. A simple enough idea, this brand claimed to design one single swimsuit to fit standard sizes 2 to 10. I know—it sounds too good to be true. How can a one-size-fits-all swimsuit possibly fit such different body shapes? Does it actually look good on everyone? And if so, what kind of mythical fabric is it made with?

Clearly, we had a ton of questions for the UK-based brand You Swim. It launched this summer with a single one-piece design offered in five enticing colorways and a claim that "this baby is ribbed, crazy-flexible, feels soft, thick, super luxe, and the simple shape will equally flatter big-busts, no-bums, and all the beautiful in-betweens." We were so intrigued by the whole concept that we felt compelled to test it out ourselves.

We sent off five Clique employees who wear a range of dress sizes from 2 to 10 to spend a day at the beach (or pool or lake) in You Swim. Below we're sharing their honest reviews of the suit. Maybe we're biased, but every one of them looks so good in their suit. Don't take it from me though, so go on to see the suits in action, and if you're so compelled, shop one for yourself.