Fall, What's the Holdup? 24 Nordstrom Items I Can't Wait Another Second to Wear

While I have my fair share of love for the shoes and bags of the summer, fall has to be an ultimate favorite for me. The deep shades of leather bags, furry details, and tall boots galore—there's so much to love. While I buy into a few trends each season, I put importance on shoes and bags because they're the most versatile, and I can get the most wear out of them. My favorite destination for fall shopping? Nordstrom. Back in college, I used to peruse the sale section at my local mall for my pick of shoes, and to this day, the retailer hasn't left me disappointed.

Below, you'll find 24 fall picks available at Nordstrom that have been editor approved since they're from our very own Who What Wear line. Whatever fall outfits you have planned for this season, the selection below is going to help perfect them to the T.



Bring the summer "tote" style into fall with this chic black bag.

A neutral bag to go with everything this season.





From the cone heel to the beautiful shade in leather, what's not to love?

Summer-to-fall sandals? They do exist.

A brown bag is just as important as a go-to black one.





I can't tell which color of this boot style I like more.

These are chic loafers if I've ever seen them.

I've been obsessed with this bag since we released it.

Take a look at that furry insole.

More fur! Talk about cozy season.



I own these in black but want all the shades.