I Spent My Weekend Online Shopping and Added These 25 Under-$70 Items to My Cart

While everyone on my timeline was seemingly living their best life picking apples and partaking in other cold-weather festivities this weekend, I was nestled on my couch doing what I do best: digital window-shopping. Even with the blitz of Black Friday a stone's throw away, I can't seem to resist the urge to click through every online store known to man. My scroll-through game is strong, so I managed to browse hundreds of pages in just one lazy afternoon. During my Sunday browsing session, I stumbled upon a selection of new arrivals that particularly boosted my excitement. 

A flood of new styles from Who What Wear's Target collection recently dropped, and it's no exaggeration when I say they're good. It includes everything from fancy-looking faux leather to sumptuous, party-ready velvet as well as a slew of versatile basics (albeit with a twist). Since most pieces sit nicely under the $40 mark, the guilt of buying new clothes only a week out from the biggest sale event of the year feels a little less pungent. To check out all the items that made it to my basket, keep scrolling. 

Wearing baggy trousers is my definition of a good time. They just instantly make you feel chic, making getting dressed feel that much easier. Good thing I discovered this relatively cheap pair that's available in two colorways.

I'm convinced I need to buy two pairs—one for now and one as a backup.



Knit dresses are effortless and elevated, and most of all, they keep you warm.

This one is just calling for a pair of croc-embossed or snakeskin boots.

Yes, I also added the black version to my cart because, quite obviously, it goes with everything. 

Puffers have progressed leaps and bounds from being the unsightly and purely functional coat option—this beauty is proof.

This time of year is when leather really shines, so obviously, it's been the focus of my recent window-shopping. The button-down and pants featured here look so deceptively expensive but are affordable enough that I don't need to settle for just bookmarking. I can actually buy them.

What I love most about this is the tiny waistband detail—it has a fold-over effect that's quite unusual and cool.

I've been really into longer-length skirts lately, and they're just the thing to wear with tall boots for the winter.

On the day-to-day, I keep my outfits relatively simple, and basics like these do a lot of the heavy lifting in my closet. 

Paired with the leather skirt, this top would look amazing.

If you haven't bought anything velvet yet this season, now's your chance.

Head-to-toe velvet not your thing? Try this top with leather trousers for a nice juxtaposition of texture.

Clearly, the faux-leather train hasn't stopped yet, as evidenced by this minidress I promptly clicked "add to cart" on.

Here's a quick holiday party outfit that doesn't feel overly formal.

Throw on some red lipstick, dangly earrings, and stilettos and this will be your go-to soirée look for the season.

Right now, I live in sweaters, so it's always a plus when I can find one that less harsh on my wallet.

I've noticed that khaki green looks exceptional when styled with houndstooth, plaid, and check patterns, and that's precisely why I shopped it in this color.

And just in case, a candy apple–red sweater is handy to round out my winter knit collection.

More and more I find myself reaching for pants with more woolen textures. Usually, they run at least $100, but these are remarkably under $40.