Our Editors on the 3 Sneaker Styles That Are Officially Over

The topic of sneakers recently came up at the Who What Wear offices, and it turns out our editors have many opinions on them. When it came to the topic of the wardrobe staple, our editors shared their thoughts about the styles that look dated and the ones they suggest adding to anyone’s closet.

When I asked Who What Wear’s managing editor, Michelle Scanga, about the styles she’s not seeing anymore, she explained: “I haven't seen many flatform/platform sneakers lately.” On the other hand, she noted one style she’s seeing more and more: “Brands are leaning more toward an updated dad sneaker with chunky soles.”

Assistant Editor Anna LaPlaca echoed Scanga’s thoughts on dad sneakers, but instead of flatforms has another style she’s cutting out: “The one sneaker trend that doesn’t translate from a workout look to street style is, in my opinion, straight running shoes. Either opt for a sleek flat-soled pair or go full-on clunky dad sneakers—skip the in-between look.”

I similarly agree with the team about the resiliency of dad sneakers and don’t see them going anywhere soon. In fact, I think they’re getting a new life with New Age styles that put a futuristic spin on the chunky sneaker trend. A style I wouldn’t put my money behind? Wedge shapes, which I haven’t seen anywhere lately.

If you’re similarly skipping sneakers of the flatform, wedge, or running shoe variety, scroll down to shop the pairs our editors recommend wearing instead.

Skip: Flatform/Platform Sneakers

Instead Try: Chunky "Dad" Sneakers

The popular "dad" sneakers have been around for years now and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Skip: Wedge Sneakers

Instead Try: Futuristic "New Age" Sneakers

The ever-popular chunky sneaker has a few updates this season. If you're ready for the next version, try New Age styles with futuristic lines, velcro straps, and bold colors. It's a trend Net-a-Porter's buying director, Elizabeth von der Goltz, told us to watch out for this season.

Skip: Straight Running Shoes

Instead Try: Flat-Soled Sneakers

The best sneaker styles: flat-soled sneakers



If you're less trend-inclined, you also can't go wrong with a classic pair of flat-soled sneakers. These will never go out of style.