This Type of Shoe Is the "Worst Offender" for Foot Pain

Worst Shoes for Foot Pain


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When shopping for shoes, we definitely weigh elements like the price, style, and brand, but one variable reigns supreme: the comfort factor. Who wants to waste their money on shoes that give you foot pain or blisters? For help picking the best pair, I tapped Maija Benincasa, whose made-in-Italy brand Benincasa is specifically designed to be the most comfortable shoes around. She developed custom technology with biomedical and footwear experts to prevent foot pain, so I knew she'd have expert tips to share.

"When shopping for high heels, make sure to choose soft, flexible leathers and suedes," Benincasa told Who What Wear. "The stiffer the material, the less forgiving the shoe will feel over time. For example, patent leather, while beautiful, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to comfort. That is why you will not find any uppers in the Benincasa line in full patent leather."

Benincasa also revealed another detail you should look for when shopping. "As important as the upper material is the lining in the shoe," she told us. "Make sure your shoes are lined in 100% leather. This keeps your shoes feeling soft and aids with breathability and odor." Scroll down to shop Benincasa's custom shoes as well as other pretty options—and say goodbye to foot pain.

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