I'm a Tired Mom Juggling Childcare and WFH—These Outfit Formulas Are Helping

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Pre-quarantine, I was a new-ish mom with my family's schedule down pat, and I was damn proud of it. I could balance my career and childcare thanks to my incredible support system (aka my mom and mother-in-law) and felt like I was on a roll. I'll be honest: It's been really difficult letting go of that. As many working moms can understand, finding the fine line between me time, childcare time, and work time (without mom-guilt seeping in) has been a challenge. One thing I've been prioritizing is feeling my best every day, and for me, that always starts with my outfits.

I'm generally a big neutrals girl, so naturally, my quarantine wardrobe reflects that. As the months roll on, I'm refining my looks to be classic and comfortable so that I can continue my balancing act. These are the four outfits I plan to keep on rotation for the foreseeable future.

Matching Sweater Set + Fuzzy Slippers

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It's my opinion that no one should be without a matching loungewear set to get them through Mondays during these times. I'm inspired by Aimee Song's neutral set that can be worn together or separately. Plus, this outfit is perfect for lounging in the living room and watching Winnie the Pooh with my daughter.

Sweatshirt + Shorts + Flats

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Now that the weather is getting warmer in L.A., I need an outfit that can take me from a day full of Zoom meetings to an evening walk outside. I'm lusting after a crew-neck beige sweater with a pair of classic white shorts similar to this look.

Button-Down Shirt + Jeans + Gold Jewelry

work from home style



There are, of course, days when even the busiest moms need to take a break from knitwear, so I plan on going for a classic outfit like Pam Arias did. High-waist jeans instantly make me feel like myself, so on days when I'm feeling a little run down, I encourage myself to pull it together with this easy-but-stylish outfit. 

Cozy Cardigan + Comfy Trousers

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Fashion influencer Marianne is also a mom to two young children, so I always look to her for inspiration on dressing properly for the job. I love that this outfit incorporates spring trends, like a cozy cardigan and flat sandals, but also is perfect for a longer walk around the neighborhood with my daughter.