5 Things You Can Do Now to Start Dressing Better at Work

We all know that co-worker who shows up to work styled to perfection day after day, ready for absolutely anything that gets thrown her way. But who’s to say that girl can’t be you? Contrary to popular belief, dressing to impress in the workplace doesn’t require a senior-status budget or a wardrobe overhaul. Instead, the most fashionable go-getters have been following these simple style secrets that you can start using today. What could be better than that?

Keep reading for five things you can do now to start dressing better at work!

Remember when you picked out your outfit for the next day of school? Well, the most well-dressed trailblazers are still doing that. Fashion requires forethought, and taking that extra time each night to plan an outfit with purpose will allow you to put your strategically styled foot forward in your career. Plus, think of how incredible it will be to avoid stressing about your outfit as you’re rushing out the door.

There’s no greater workplace wardrobe sin than ill-fitting pieces that do your body more harm than good. And while it may not be feasible to adjust every article of clothing you own, finding a good tailor to alter those office outfit essentials is a practice that will pay you back tenfold. Think alterations will set you back a pretty penny? Think again. We’ve got the broke girl’s guide to alterations to break down just how much you should be spending at your tailor.

Coco Chanel’s rule is famous for a reason. To ensure your office outfit is polished and chic, look in the mirror and take off one thing before leaving the house. Too many accessories or over-stimulating pieces can be just plain distracting. When it comes to your career, a well-put-together image does nothing more than complement all that hard work you’ve been doing.

No matter how flawless your outfit may be, wearing poorly constructed or ill-fitting undergarments can undermine even the most polished power dresser. Plus, finding a go-to undergarment brand that flatters your body is as much a rite of passage growing up as developing a solid workplace wardrobe is. The two simply go hand in hand.

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There’s a time and place when it comes to wearing the season’s top trends, and sadly, your career-girl uniform isn’t one of them. Look for safe (but not necessarily boring!) basics that you’ll be able to rotate in your wardrobe for multiple seasons. For the workplace, we recommend finding the perfect white button-down shirt, black blazer, black trousers, neutral trousers, pencil skirt, and appropriate A-line dress. Still want to make your outfit trendier? Accessories are a great way to show just how fashion forward you are without compromising a sophisticated work wardrobe.

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