I'm a Picky Zara Shopper, and This Is What I'm Buying There for Winter

Leather Puffer Street Style


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

You’re probably wondering what being a picky Zara shopper even means, so let me tell you. All it means is that while I love Zara as much as the next girl, when I shop there (whether it’s in store or online), I do my best to do so with as discerning of an eye as I would have if everything in the store were super expensive. In other words, not just buying anything I see because it’s cheap or at the very least more affordable than its designer counterparts. Not a bad approach, am I right?

Since we are officially in winter mode, I decided to round up everything I would buy from Zara for the months ahead if I had an unlimited budget (and the closet space to match). Naturally, while I did my best to cut things down, it’s still quite a lot—39 items to be exact—but they range from outerwear to knits to shoes and they’re all just that good. So, without further ado, just keep scrolling to get shopping.


A puffer you'll actually be excited to wear.

I'm so into vests right now, I have about 10 on my wish list.

My colleague Lauren has this, and it really adds polish to any outfit.

If you don't own a leather blazer, yet this might just be the one.


When I'm not buying things in black or white, oftentimes it's hunter green—can you blame me?


I can never say no to an elevated black tee.


This is so elegant I can't take it.

There's no end to my leather obsession in sight.

This easy, flowy dress is a no-brainer.


I'll never have enough black jeans.

The first step in re-creating the cool outfit above is buying the skirt.

I'm obsessed with the way these straight-leg leather pants look with strappy sandals.

Bags & Accessories

I tend to avoid beanies because of hat hair, but when I absolutely must wear one, I prefer them simple and neutral like this.

I've been eyeing this big bag for a while and can't believe it made it to sale.


These are all over my feed, so naturally now I want them.

Loafers will be everywhere this spring, so why not wear them first?

I love a timeless find that's actually affordable.

By now you must have heard that knee boots are back in a big way.