Dress Up Winter Outfits With This One-Minute Styling Trick

As the temperature continues to get cooler and cooler, we’re thinking about how we can give ourselves extra warmth this season sans losing any sense of style. One of the easiest ways to do just that is with a pair of tights. Not only will they give you an extra layer of warmth on the colder days, but they’ll also dress up any of your winter outfits in the most effortless of ways.

That being said, they can also leave you at a loss for styling them without feeling like you walked right out of elementary school. Not to worry, we pulled together our favorite winter tights outfits to prove to you that they can be just as chic as anything else you wear. From timeless, versatile black tights to bright, bold colored and printed versions, the possibilities for these outfits are endless.

Wear them under your skirts for an ensemble that’ll never get old or if you’re looking for an unexpected way to style them, wear them under a pair of jeans. Need more inspiration on how to wear this hosiery staple? You’ll find it all below. Read on for our favorite ways to style this classic accessory. Then shop the outfits to make the looks your own.

Fishnet tights outfit



Jumbo fishnet tights will add an edge of cool to any outfit.

We can't get enough leopard print in our lives.

Classic tights outfit



A pair of semi-sheer tights will look so good under a minidress and a cool blazer.

This plaid is so pretty.

Wear these with everything this winter.

A pair of tights will give you more coverage when you're showing a bit of leg.

These will look so good under a skirt or dress.

A pair of color tights will had an unexpected pop of color to your outfits.

You'll want to wear this dress forever.

Yes, you can pull off bright tights.

Yes, you can wear minidresses during winter—just add tights.

Don't be afraid to go all out with wearing prints. It'll look so cool.

Wear this with a pair of jeans for an easy everyday look.

Logo tights outfit



Printed logo tights will give you a logomania outfit like no other.

To make white tights look less childish, wear them with sleeker pieces like thigh-high boots and a miniskirt.

Yes, adults can wear white tights.

Make a sweaterdress even warmer with a pair of tights.

Simple tights outfit



Heading to a special occasion this season? A pair of tights will make your dress perfect for the winter.

Pleated skirt with tights outfit



A pleated skirt and patterned tights will be so cool for the office.

Wear this skirt to the office.

These will add the right amount of whimsy to any outfit.

Tights under jeans outfit



Styling your tights under a pair of jeans will give your look a cool vibe you'll get so many compliments on.

Perfect for everyday this winter.

Tights outfit with mini dress outfit



Nothing like a minidress with tights and over-the-knee boots to nail the French-girl aesthetic.

Polka-dot tights will never go out of style.

PVC raincoat outfit



A bright PVC raincoat will look so cool with tights that'll complement the color.

You'll get so many compliments on this.

Lavender slip dress tights outfit



Wear a summer slip dress with a pair of white tights to make it appropriate for winter.

We can't get enough of this color.

Your tights will dress up a more casual look for any occasion.

All-red tights outfit



Wear a pair of red tights to complete a bold all-red ensemble.

You'll easily stand out wearing this coat.

Add a pop of color to your ensembles.

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