The Best 13 Winter Outfits With Hats

Fact: We lose a significant amount of heat through our heads (though not as much as was initially believed)—which is why it's always wise to wear a hat in the fall and wintertime cold. Not only does the accessory keep our heads (and bodies) warm, but it is the perfect practical accessory with which to dress up all of our cold-weather ensembles. Don't believe us? Once you see the below winter outfits with hats, you'll certainly be convinced that it is, in fact, an item you'll want to stock up on before the temperatures really drop.

The best part? The selection of hats currently on the market is wide-ranging, so you have a lot of options to pick from. There are the ever-controversial bucket hats that are currently resurfacing, the celeb-favorite baker-boy caps, easy and cool beanies, and the always classic and chic berets. Regardless of which style you choose to wear over your noggin, one thing's for certain: You'll look cool but stay warm while doing so.

Ahead, see our favorite winter outfits with hats that we'll be copying come the cold front, and then shop some of our favorite hats.

A baker-boy cap is a great pick to pair with a long coat.

A simple beanie pairs nicely with all your winter outfits.

A beret is a must-have for fall.

As is a bucket hat.

Keep your noggin warm with a cozy beanie.

Pair a beanie with a shearling coat.

Or opt for a baseball cap with a shearling coat.

Another example of how a beret is a perfect addition to any outfit.

Pair jeans, a turtleneck sweater, and a blazer with a classic black cap.

Add a pop of color through your accessories.

Leather on leather on leather.

A go-to fall ensemble? A midi skirt, a turtleneck bodysuit, and a beret.

The Canadian tuxedo + a beret is a cool, casual, chic look to wear this season.

Can we wear our winter hats yet?

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