It's My Job to Spot Chic Outfit Trends—These 11 Winter Looks Are Best

As a fashion editor (hey there), I spend a hefty chunk of my day researching trends, shopping steals, and outfit ideas to bring our dear readers a curation of the coolest things to know in fashion. When it comes to the latter, specifically, there are actually a few key winter outfits I’ve spotted recently on the Instagram feeds of some of the coolest style setters that are worth putting on your radar.

While the outfit combinations in question are clearly already fashion person–approved, I have a feeling they’ll catch on in a mainstream way given their simple yet forward nature. And since I know you like to be the first in your friend group to try the latest looks, I’d suggest giving these fits a whirl, like, starting tomorrow.

With that, keep scrolling to check out 11 cozy and chic winter outfit trends to try now. And while you may already have many of the pieces featured in each look, I shopped out the key outerwear item you’ll need for each (you know, just in case).

White Coat + Coordinating Dress + Statement Accessories
How to wear all white for winter 2019



What’s sleeker than an ensemble made up of winter whites? I’ll wait. Well, while the look can be intimidating, it’s actually quite easy to pull off by simply pairing a white knit dress with a gorgeous statement coat in that same snowy-colored hue. Two pieces and you’re done.

Maxi Coat + Belt + Dress + Knee-High Boots
Simple winter outfit idea with a maxi coat



For the most elegant and flattering winter silhouette, go for a sophisticated long coat with a belt tied around the waist. A knit dress underneath and eye-catching knee-high boots complete the vibe.

Shearling Coat + Graphic Sweatshirt + Printed Pants + Sneakers
The best way to wear a shearling coat for winter 2019



Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures and prints for a directional look. The beauty of a shearling coat is that it will add just the right touch of sophistication to this more playful winter ensemble.

Pink Coat + Black Turtleneck + Cropped Jeans + Sneakers
Easy winter outfit idea with a pink coat and cropped jeans



You’ll turn heads in an instant by tossing a vibrant pink coat (or heavy blazer) over your all-black fit. Simple yet impactful.

Colorful Puffer + Cropped Pants + Sneakers
How to wear a puffer coat for winter 2019



You’ll make an instant statement with minimal effort by tossing a colorful puffer coat over your favorite basic winter ensemble.

Camel Coat + Turtleneck + Wide-Leg Jeans + Booties
Easy winter outfit idea with a camel coat



If there’s one outerwear trend that will just always work, it’s the camel coat. Toss it over anything (a cream-turtleneck–and-jean formula, for example) for a winter look that’s timeless yet modern.

Long Coat + Coordinating Midi Dress + Sneakers
Simple winter outfit idea with a pastel coat



A monochromatic vibe ensemble is not only easy to put together (no color-matching necessary) but it’s also one of the chicest vibes you can create. A pastel look feels particularly fresh for winter.

Beige Blazer + Turtleneck + Trousers + Boots
How to wear a monochromatic outfit for winter 2019



Sure, you may have steered clear of an all-beige or brown look in the past, but as this style setter proves, the look is about as forward as it gets. The key is to mix fabrics, opt for of-the-moment silhouettes, and try something new like stuffing your straight-leg trousers into your boots.

Flannel Coat + Sweater + Straight-Leg Jeans + Platform Boots
Easy winter outfit idea with a flannel plaid coat



One of the breakout stars in the trend world this season? Fleece and flannel jackets. This unexpectedly chic look works best with straight-leg jeans and cool boots.

Blazer on Blazer + Straight Jeans + Printed Boots
Simple winter outfit idea with a blazer and black jeans



Try something different this season by wearing a slouchy wool blazer over a more fitted blazer underneath. The outfit is undoubtedly fashion-forward and is especially cool for the season with straight-leg jeans and patterned booties.

Denim on Denim + Duster Coat + Booties
Easy winter outfit with a maxi coat and Louis Vuitton bag



Embrace the denim-on-denim look this fall and polish it all up with a beautiful duster coat and contrasting booties.