5 Easy Winter Outfit Formulas Every Man Should Know

There are certain stylish winter uniforms you've probably relied on for years. For some, it may be a pullover-jeans-booties combo (especially if you live somewhere that's not that cold, like L.A.) while others may opt for wool trousers, boots, a puffer, and a scarf (crucial if you live somewhere cold, like New York City). Given that you clearly have a grasp on winter style, why not extend some of that fashion knowledge to the men in your life?

If the main dude in your inner circle has been asking for outfit ideas or if you yourself (hey there!) are on the hunt for a new winter uniform, we're here to help by showcasing five of our favorite celeb-approved outfits we think every guy should try this season. And don't be scared: Each ensemble coming your way is incredibly easy to put together and pull off.

Go on to check out the looks worth adopting. Plus, shop each outfit along the way.