15 Items All Men Should Toss by Age 30

Your 20s are a time for firsts: first job, first apartment, and so on. And as you grow and become more mature, so does your style. You're probably not wearing the same outfit at 25 as you were at 15, right? But still, you probably still store some of those more youthful items in your closet (regardless if you actually plan on wearing any!) as you head deeper into your 20s and push 30. (And just note that you really should just wear whatever you love and are most comfortable in—no matter how old you are). Ladies, we've gone over many of these pieces for you here, but the same rules apply for men as well. To help pinpoint exactly what you (or the main dude in your life) shouldn't keep, we're highlighting the items every man should toss by the time they turn 30.

Scroll down for the 15 items that deserve to go post-29 life. Plus, shop pieces perfect for any man at any age.

Toss: Ill-Fitting Suits

Buying a suit off the rack only works for a small group of people. It's worth it to spend the extra money for the perfect fit that'll make you look put together for work.

Instead, try a tailored suit:

Toss: Cargo Shorts

There's no need for all of those pockets—they're bulky and don't look polished. A nice, tailored pair of Bermuda shorts is better for a mature man.

Instead, try tailored shorts:

Toss: Beaded Jewelry

That turquoise beaded bracelet may have worked when you were 20, but you're an adult now and deserve a sleek find you can wear to the office, on the weekend, and everywhere in between.

Instead, try a metal bracelet:

Toss: Light-Wash Jeans

While light-wash jeans can work in some instances if you pair them with polished separates, a pair of dark-wash straight-leg jeans is consistently more sophisticated—especially if you're looking for the ideal denim style for casual Friday.

Instead, try dark-wash jeans:

Toss: Beat-Up Sneakers

If you're opting for sneakers for casual Friday, or for a more sophisticated environment, ditch the trainers you've worn forever in favor of an of-the-moment pair of fresh white kicks.

Instead, try sleek sneakers:

Toss: Windbreakers

Sure, there's a time and a place for a proper windbreaker (like if you're on an excursion somewhere), but for your day-to-day life? Try a more sophisticated bomber jacket instead.

Instead, try a lightweight bomber:

Toss: The Wrong Socks

Sure, your socks may seem like an afterthought, but the wrong pair can actually make or break your look. Sorry, but you can't get away with wearing white athletic socks with your dress shoes anymore.

Instead, try colorful socks:

Toss: Rundown Belts

It's time to refrain from wearing that same belt you've worn for the last 10 years (that's most likely worn out). While you don't need to spend a complete fortune, go for a nicer-quality style that will last and keep your overall vibe fresh and polished.

Instead, try a sophisticated belt:

Toss: Too-Short Ties

A proper tie is crucial to any formal look. Ensure you're selecting a style that's not too short and hits right above your waistline for the ideal, clean look.

Instead, try a sleek tie:

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Toss: Basketball Shorts

If you're actually on the court, by all means go for your basketball shorts—but there's no reason to wear them in your off-duty life. A slim pair of joggers gives you the same vibe, but are also more sophisticated as you're hanging with your crew on the weekends.

Instead, try slim joggers:

Toss: Tattered Everyday Bag

No, that messenger bag you used in college is not appropriate for business meetings. Instead, opt for a sleek all-leather briefcase or a stylish canvas tote if you're in a more creative office setting.

Instead, try a polished tote:

Toss: Promotional Sunglasses

No. Those shades you scored from spring break will not fly in your post-29 life. Go for a pair with wire frames that'll fit nicely into your everyday style.

Instead, try modern sunglasses:

Toss: Tank Tops

It's best to save tank tops for the beach or for a workout—go for a cool tee instead.

Instead, try a T-shirt:

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Toss: Square-Toe Dress Shoes

For a modern vibe, get rid of your old square-toe dress shoes your mom bought you when you were 19—and try a sleek rounded-toe style instead.

Instead, try rounded-toe shoes:

Toss: Frat Merchandise

Going to a game at your alma mater? By all means show your school spirit. But otherwise, an of-the-moment athletic-inspired pullover is more sophisticated and cool.

Instead, try a cool pullover:

What items do you think your man should get rid of? Let us know in the comments below.

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