Blake Lively's Manicurist Says These Winter Nail Trends Will Dominate Our Feeds

One of my favorite ways to ease into a new season is by participating in seasonally appropriate beauty trends. There's no easier way to welcome a change in temperature and mark a new beginning. This year, I'm leaning into fun new nail trends to help usher in colder weather. 

Last winter, it was all about chrome, rich nail colors, ombré nails, and moody French tips. This winter, we're lightening up a bit. According to celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein, manicurist for Blake Lively, Natasha Lyonne, Julianne Moore, and Storm Reid, this winter, there will be an uptick in fun colors (including pastels and jellies). We'll also see a resurgence of textural nails. 

Keep reading for all of Gerstein's predictions for the winter nail trends of 2024. I know that I, for one, will be asking my nail tech for a glitter topcoat to spice up my next manicure. 

Jewel-toned jelly


(Image credit: @hollyfalconenails )

This winter, instead of traditional jewel tones, jelly jewel tones will take center stage. According to Gerstein, this translucent version of gemstone-inspired nail colors is a more modern and elevated take on the color family. 

Flash glitter


(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

Gerstein says that highly reflective glitter pigments will be in for this winter. These glitter colors reflect light and make nails the center of attention. 

Foiled duo chrome


Gerstein explains that foiled duo chrome is a more updated take on the viral "glazed donut" nails that dominated the nail scene last year. "This is festive and reflective to complement many textures in fashion," she says.

Sweater textures


(Image credit: @enamelle)

Adding sweater patterns to nails is the ultimate winter design. "This is the perfect winter look to complement any occasion by creating a lot of definition," says Gerstein. Some sparkle makes it even more festive. 

Pine green


(Image credit: @betina_goldstein)

Gerstein says that pine green will be huge this winter. A deep pine green complements every skin tone and goes with just about everything. 

Glitter coat


(Image credit: @enamelle)

"To add a little dash of foil and glitter, you can layer Orly Spark on any of these trend colors to really make it festive for the holidays," says Gerstein. 

Velvet cat-eye jelly nails


(Image credit: @enamelle)

"A velvet jelly done with a cat’s eye layer [will be on trend]," says Gerstein. "You put the cat's eye down first, magnetize it, then layer a jelly shade over it." 

Cool-toned pastels


(Image credit: @varnishlane)

"Cool-toned pastel with a winter feeling [are having a moment]," says Gerstein. "Pastels aren't just for spring, especially when they have a cool tone." Try an icy blue or a cool pink. 

Opulent 3D textures


(Image credit: @enamelle)

Jewel-like nails are the perfect accessory for winter. Opting for metallic accents and neutral colors looks sophisticated but fun. 

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