30 Maxi Skirts I'll Gladly Want to Wear With Boots This Winter

While most people might wait for the spring or summer to pull out their favorite long skirts, I get the most wear out of mine in the colder months simply because of one styling cue—pairing them with boots. Once I started wearing the outfit combo, I couldn't convince myself to wear my maxis and midis with anything else. Even if I opt for fabrics like satin or silk, a pair of leggings and knee-highs can go a long way, I promise.

And while brands release a variety of skirts for the summer consisting of florals and bright colorways, it's the fall and winter styles that end up catching my eye. From ribbed and leather to pleats and velvet, the variety of the latter just ends up suiting my style a little bit more. Longer lengthen skirts also showed plenty on the 2021 runways with wrap skirts and knit pieces already taking center stage on the fashion scene. 

Ahead, you'll find 30 of the best long skirts I found that I'll gladly want to wear with a pair of boots right now in a range of fabrics, colors, and prints. There's something for everyone, trust me. 

I can't resist anything in leather.

I spotted this skirt all over Instagram during the summer, and would love to see it paired with a sweater and oversized blazer.

I'd like to copy and paste this entire outfit.

Pleats are an easy way to achieve the "flowy" look but in a more elevated fashion.

I'd pair this with a sweatshirt and heeled boots.

I'm always down for a stretchy skirt because it gives maximum comfort.

Who said velvet had to be reserved for dresses?

This comes in plenty of color options.

I'm very much into this take on a button-up skirt.

I love this wine shade for winter.

Even though this is a floral print, the green colorway makes it perfect for the colder months as well.

I'd take notes from the styling on this and pair it with all leather.

The perfect take on a muted floral.

This looks much more expensive than it is.

I've got a thing for this shade of green.

It has the word "blanket" in the name, so you know it has to be comfy.

It seems like pleated skirts are making a comeback.