The Only 5 Pieces to Pack for Your Romantic Winter Honeymoon


(Image credit: @adenorah)

When it comes to your post-wedding getaway, all that matters is relaxation—no matter where you and your partner are going. So in this article, we’re going to be focusing on the only five pieces you need to pack for your romantic winter honeymoon. Think slip-on dresses fit for any and every occasion, cardigans that will go perfectly with said dresses (but also be extremely helpful when you decide to read during the night with the windows open), chic flat mules, and pajamas and underwear that will take relaxation into a whole new level. If you can already envision how easy your mornings will by only worrying about if it’s chilly enough or not to actually wear your cardigan outside your hotel or Airbnb, scroll on for the ultimate packing list


Slip Dresses




Now for some stunning honeymoon outfits