Your Definitive Guide to Every Winter Beauty Trend Imaginable

If there’s anything we can always count on at the start of a new season, it’s that there will be tons of fun new trends to play with. While we’re excited about all the fashion trends, beauty trends are really the stars this winter. We talked to the absolute best beauty experts to get all the information you need on this winter’s biggest trends (and asked for their favorite products so you can try them for yourself).

Whether you’re aching to dye your hair a new trendy color, upgrade your skincare routine, or just try something a little different at the nail salon, we have something for you. Keep reading to find out every beauty trend that matters this winter.


Chocolate Brown



“One upcoming trend is clients who are asking for a deep, chocolate-brown color. This is for clients who would like to go darker or enhance their color in a natural-looking way. This color is achieved with a rich, demi-permanent gloss.” — Giselle Luza, founder of Soho Blondes

Long Layers



“Extra-long lengths and layers are in. We are not just blowing out these long locks; we are adding in texture and volume but keeping it tousled, nothing super clean.” — Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist and consulting creative director

The New Pixie



“Short crops, but leaving the interior of the hair longer. Think of this as a more weighted crop. The exterior perimeter is short, but the length leading to the perimeter is longer.  This leaves more weight and more styles that can be achieved.” — Dueñas

Textured Cuts With Surprising Pops of Color



“This season, super-textured haircuts that include curtain bangs, bits and pieces around the face, and really bold cuts, like super-textured pixies and mullets, are on the rise. With these cuts, we see pieces of color being handpainted in those key areas to draw the eye around the face. Think just the tips of curtain bangs being lightened or a cute bold ‘money piece’ being placed slightly off center to draw attention to a choppier textured cut. This makes it a little less polished and achieves an artistic, bold look.” — Shvonne Perkins, manager of training and professional colorist at Madison Reed


LED Technology



“Patients tend to use the winter months to rejuvenate their skin and help repair the damage caused by more exposure to UV and environmental aggressors during the warmer months. The proliferation of at-home devices like LED lights makes it easy to help supplement your medical spa treatments. To maximize the use of your LED device, nourish the skin with plenty of hyaluronic acid.” — Paul Nassif, board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Face Oils



“Face oils help protect skin against damage from the effects of winter. For example, cold, dry winter air and wind can dehydrate and damage your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Indoor heating or long soaks in hot tubs can also dehydrate skin and break down its protective barrier, which is why a humidifier can help counteract dryness in the air indoors. To protect and nourish our skin’s natural lipid barrier, it is important to use face oils that are rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants, which will help keep skin balanced with a healthy-looking texture and glow. Skin needs replenishing ingredients like oils and lipids to reinforce the skin barrier and protect us from external aggressors like wind, cold, heat, and dryness.” — Mila Moursi, celebrity aesthetician 

Reverse Cat Eye



“I can never say no to a dramatic eyeliner look in the winter months. This season, switch up your typical upper liner and instead highlight your lower lash line and bring it out for a reverse cat-eye look.” — Keita Moore, celebrity makeup artist and Maybelline New York brand ambassador

Bold Lipstick



“A fun lip is the perfect way to spice up your winter look. It's important that you choose a shade that complements your complexion and brings out your features without drowning you out.” — Moore





“Tortoiseshell nails will be very popular for winter. It is almost like the new version of leopard print. Tortoiseshell is a really unique design but is still considered neutral, just like leopard prints. In order to do the tortoiseshell nails, you will need sheer yellow or amber, black, and brown colors.” — Lexi Suga, nail technician and owner of Notox Nails

Plaid Print



“Plaid-print nails are perfect for the [wintertime]. Using a nude base color and a liner brush, pick two additional colors for the lines. I would choose red and black as a nod to Burberry’s classic plaid print. Make a cross starting from the top left in red, then make a double line cross from the bottom right corner in black. It sounds complicated, but it’s not as hard as it seems!” — Suga